Vertigo/Dizziness & Balance

Vertigo and balance disorders can carry several different meanings for different people. To some it may feel as though the world is spinning around you, to others it may feel like you are being pushed to the ground and some people just feel dizzy and have a difficult time describing exactly what they are feeling.

These problems can be absolutely debilitating. Eliminating vertigo and dizziness once and for all you starts with an accurate diagnosis of the cause. A common mistake doctors make is assuming that the cause of all vertigo, dizziness and balance problems is in the inner ear.

 This is a huge mistake!

Millions of people are still suffering from room-spinning, stumbling,and fear of falling. Because the REAL cause of their balance problem is hidden to most doctors. They've 'been everywhere' and seen four, five…even six doctors. Worse, the medications these people are given just plain don't work.

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