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Written Testimonials

One month away from turning 7, we washed Caelan's hair tonight for the FIRST time without a meltdown or tears. There are no words to thank you for what you have given us, but really what you've given Caelan. Thank you!! 

- Jeremy & Angela / Clarkston, MI


When I first came to the Center I hurt everywhere from head to my toes.  I was having dizzy spells & headaches on a daily basis and had a horrible time sleeping.  I have made a complete 180 since my first visit.  After the first 2-3 visits the pain in my lower back was nearly gone and the swelling in my foot had gone down.  Before my adjustments, I wasn't able to work out for more than 20 minutes when I could work out.  Now I'm at the gym 3 times a week and I walk everyday.  I am currently recovering from Cushings Disease and have had a terrible time tappering off my medication.  Since my visits to the OCNC, I have been  able to lower my dosage of medicine by 15mg (which is HUGE for me) without any problems.  Before visiting OCNC It would take 6-8 weeks just to taper off of 5mg.  I am so glad I decided to visit Dr. Husmillo.  He has helped me in so many ways it's hard to write it all down.  This is the Best decision I've made for my recovery.

- Jennifer B. / Hazel Park, MI

I began to have dibilitating dizziness from an inner ear issue.  I went to a few doctors who were not relieving my symptoms and who only wanted to give me medication that actually made it worse.  I then thought of going to see Dr. Husmillo (who I was already seeing for other issues), since dizziness was certainly a neurological response, to see if he was aware of my condition and might be able to help.  

Dr. Husmillo was keenly aware of my condition and in fact seemed more versed on my problem than the specialists I saw and knew exactly what I was going through and how to start relieving my symptoms without medication.  I am now feeling so much better with his help and although it was a frightening and frustrating time for me his warmth and compassion was unbelievable in reducing my anxieties and helping me recover.

- Carol / Clarkston, MI

Dr. Husmillo, I just wanted to drop you a brief message to say that today, for the first time in a couple of weeks, I've woken up without any pain. And, I'm able to actually plant my right heel without having pain shooting up my right leg, and into my lower right back. I attribute this improvement to the help and advice you've been giving me...for which I'm very grateful.

- E.T. / Plymouth, MI

OCNC is no ordinary chiropractic office...It is EXCEPTIONAL!  I have been to many chiropractors in my life to none of which I have paid return visits to. 

Dr. Husmillo does not "crack" ones back his treatment does not cause me anxiety as other chiropractors in the past have.  In fact after my treatments I am so relaxed I can actually sleep.  Actually, after visiting OCNC this is the first time in a long time I have been able to sleep at night without the aid of medication.  OCNC is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

- Ruth / Troy, MI

When I came to OCNC I was in extreme discomfort and was hampered doing simple tasks and not able to sleep comfortably nor sit for extended lengths of time. 

After assessing the specific problem areas of my back and neck, Dr. Husmillo began not only adjusting my back but  also showing me rehabilitation exercises that I could do at home to maintain and speed up the process of recovery.  Dr. Husmillo has always asked questions to see if I've regressed or felt any new pain.  Wth each visit I've been consistently given the time and attention if a problem has occurred between visits. 

Now I feel like I have better balance -- a stronger core -- and can begin exercising like I used to w/out the pain afterwards. 

I feel more like my old self.  What I can do now that I've had adjustments & rehab makes a difference in how I am able to exercise & do simple tasks at work and around the house.  I felt/saw results within 2 weeks of my first visit.

- M.G. / Troy, MI

When I first came to OCNC I was having a lot of balance problems -- ever since coming to Dr. Husmillo there has been a big difference in my life.  Thank you for helping me -- you have made a huge difference in my life.  Out of all the chiropractors I have gone to you are the one I recommend to everyone.  I began feeling a difference after my first visit.

- J.H. / Fenton, MI

I am a VERY Happy Camper! After only 4 visits to Dr. Husmillo at Optimum Chiropractic Neurology Center I was able to take a shower and maneuver and manipulate by myself for the first time, since 1995.

- P.G. / Vassar, MI

In 2000 I had a stroke.  As a result of my stroke my thinking was foggy, I've had chronic fatigue and chronic pain.  My stroke also caused me to lose my sense of humor.  Along with my stroke, I also have Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis.  Just after 2 months, Dr. Husmillo's treatment helped me get my sense of humor , my thinking has improved and I have less muscular discomfort and less joint pain.

- Pat / Mt. Clemens, MI

- J.R. / Hummelstown, PA

I first discovered chiropractic a few years ago when I began experiencing back discomfort. Shortly thereafter, my car was rear ended and I was left in pain. After seeing slow progress for the treatment I was receiving at a clinic close to my place of work, I decided to visit Dr. Husmillo. He quickly diagnosed what was wrong with me both physically and neurologically, and after just a few visits, he had me back to my pre-accident pain free condition.  I am very grateful to Dr. Husmillo for helping me restore my health.

- R.B. / St. Clair Shores, MI

I have had leg numbness for over 10 years.  I have been through 2 MRI's on my back and up until now nobody has had any results. 

Dr. Husmillo showed me my x-rays and explained to me exactly what needed to be done for improvement.  After my first visit, I had no numbness.  I know this is a process, and I am going to continue my visits.  My hips were out of alignment and I am on the road to recovery. 

I recommend OCNC to EVERYONE!

Chiropractic treatment has been helpful.  Along with serious bouts of depression and anxiety, I had experienced considerable back, neck and head pain.  All of these symptoms have been greatly relieved with Dr. Husmillo's skill.  My first visit was helpful.  Now I'm feeling good.  Headaches are rare.  Lower back pain has improved a lot.  Neck Pain is minimal.

- S.R. / Swartz Creek, MI

- C.S. / Troy, MI

I was having sever headaches when I came to OCNC.  About a month into my treatment, my headaches were gone.  It's easier to go on with my day without having constant headaches that make me want to sleep all the time.  I'm able to concentrate on what I need to do. 

I was experiencing  numbness to the right side of my head and pain in my neck when I started seeing Dr. Husmillo.  I began seeing results in 2 weeks.  Today I'm feeling much better and have very minimal numbness.

- B.P. / Macomb Twp., MI

I had severe pain in my back, hips, feet, neck and shoulders.  Between seeing Dr. Husmillo and changes to my diet, my pain has significantly decreased.  I can work longer hours and I am taking less pain medication. 

- J.B. / Fraser, MI

I had pain relief with my first adjustment.  I was having back and neck pain which caused problems walking and sleeping for me.  Chiropractic treatment has allowed me to continue living pain free.  My visits also allow me to stretch out and ultimatly put my body and spine into a healthy condition.

- A.L. / Lake Orion, MI

What problems were you experiencing when you came to OCNC?

My child was experiencing some learning difficulties in school and we were approached by her teachers requesting some further testing and also additional resources to help her with her difficulties.  I was initially very shocked and attributed her delays as part of her age.  Originally the school was trying to label her ADHD, but we asked for another service since she was not, I felt, ADHD. She was exhibiting speech delay, fine and gross motor deficiencies as well as writing difficulties, and had no interest in riding a bike. 

Upon doing my own research and discovering Dyspraxia and The Carrick Institute, they lead me to Dr. Husmillo and his decidedly unconvetional therapies for chidren experiencing learning disabilities such as we were dealing with at the time.  I was grateful for a therapy that worked with the child as a whlie and not just dependent upon the pharmacological therapies that seem to complcate things and are not a solution, but just a band-aid, in my opinion.  His therapies are unconventional in my opinion only because he offered care that is not readily offered or readily accepted and I feel that this should be changed. 

How are you feeling now?

We have been working with Dr. Husmillo now for over 8 months and we are so happy with the results and the goals that have been reached.  I feel very strongly that our work with Dr. Husmillo has been the major contributing factor in our success and has helped my daughter overcome what could have been some very delibitating deficiencies, not only in her academic, but her social life as well. 

How long after your first visit did you get results?

It is unclear exactly when we started to see results, mostly because she was involved in so many activities in and outside of school, but about 2-3 months the effects became very pronounced and all of her teachers began commenting on small victories that she was consistently achieving, almost every day new skills were emerging.  It was a very exciting and powerful time for her.  Her abilities and confidence were growing  explosively and are still continuing today.

- Angela / White Lake, MI

- G.H. / Fenton, MI

What problems were you experiencing when you came to OCNC?

13 year old with Cerebral Palsy : Balance issues, tight hamstrings, and weakness in core which caused constant lean to the left.

11 year old ballet dancer with ADHD : Trouble focusing both in academics and in her dance classes (which is her life).

How are you feeling now?

My 13 year old daughter feels so much better and she can really tell the difference in her overall operation of her body. She is currently in intense physical therapy and having adjustments in conjunction with it. We are seeing the two working hand in hand in making her stronger and more balanced especially as she is growing.


My 11 year old daughter has made huge strides in focus especially with dancing; academics is taking a bit more work. 

How long after your first visit did you get results?

My 13 year old daughter had immediate results with her learning. My other daughter and I were shocked that the rest of the day of evaluation and the next day when we went back to review the results of the testing there was absolutely no leaning. We now know how to assist her body when leaning occurs. Almost immediately, the 11 year old saw an increase in her ability to focus doing math which is not her favorite subject by implementing some of the techniques the doctor recommended.

My Success Story

My 13 year old daughter has made amazing strides since starting care with Dr. Husmillo. Since she is more confident in her balance she has participated in a summer Show Choir -- singing a solo and keeping up with the choreography plus carrying this class on during the school year with more solo opportunities. She also sang a solo for Radio Disney on stage at an open house, improved 200% in her ability to ride a 2 wheel bike, won 2 first place trophies in the Oakland County 4H Fair Proud Equestrian Classes, and intense therapy is more productive. She is loving life and making it on her own thanks to all the work Dr. Husmillo has done with her vision, balance, strengthening, and focus. She is learning where her body is in space which is truly amazing to see since for most it comes naturally.

For my 11 year old, the director of the dance program couldn't believe the difference in her attention. This was her first year to have an opportunity to audition for a part on Pointe and she has landed two of them. Her focus in academics is increasing as she is seeing she can focus and making strides in dance so there is no reason she can't have it all. Dr. Husmillo has shown her lots of techniques for holding her focus and it's working!

Thank you for all you do for our family!

What problems were you experiencing when you came to OCNC?

I'm a drummer who came in with a pinched nerve in my neck causing a minor loss of control in my left arm.

How long after your first visit did you get results?

I began to gain more control in my left arm after only a week of visits.

My Success Story

After working with Dr. Husmillo at OCNC, I immediately noticed an improvement in my overall performance, even in problem areas that weren't directly treated. Since leaving the Michigan area, I've been in search of a chiropractic experience similar to my experience with Dr. Husmillo and, so far, I have yet to come close. Unlike most chiropractors, Dr. Husmillo takes the time to get to know you personally to better understand you and to also come up with the most effective treatment options for your specific needs. I have and will continue to refer the people I care for most to OCNC.

- Marques W. / Reading, PA

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