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 Childhood Disorders

Dr. Husmillo has worked with thousands of kids with learning disorders, attention disorders, autism spectrum disorders, and developmental delays. His unique approach to addressing these disorders in children has brought much success over the years.

The approach to treating these disorders is a combination of brain-based training, functional neurology, and functional medicine. Through Dr. Husmillo's clinical research over the years, he has realized a child's brain health and gut health play an important role in their development. This is why Dr. Husmillo combines functional neurology and functional medicine to address a child's health needs.

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One in four children has a vision problem that affects learning — a vision problem that is often misinterpreted as disinterest, sleepiness, dyslexia or ADHD. Eyesight (the ability to receive input through the eye) is not the same as vision (the ability to understand what that input is). Recognizing this distinction has monumental implications. Even a child with 20/20 eyesight can have a vision issue at the core of their learning problem.

To complicate matters, vision-related learning problems share the same symptoms as countless learning disability diagnoses, including:

  • Difficulty concentrating

  • Rereading or skipping lines of print

  • Letter reversals

  • Difficulty recognizing words

  • Short attention span

  • Poor reading comprehension

  • Poor handwriting

  • Slow completion of work

  • Loss of interest in reading

But thanks to RightEye’s Reading Assessment test, our doctors are able to expose vision and brain health in ways not possible from standard eye tests, gifting you with the opportunity to change your child’s life forever.

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