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What is Rock (Kinesio) Tape?

Rock taping is the application of elastic tape to the body to produce a therapeutic effect.

What are some of the effects rock tape can have on the body?

It can be used for several different purposes:

  1. It can be placed in a specific way to improve lymphatic drain

  2. Rock tape can be used to help reduce pain

  3. Rock tape can be used to support a movement pattern or a muscle

What do you tend to use rock tape for the most?

Rock tape offers a good amount of support and pain relief without restricting movement. This means you get back to what you love to do faster with less pain.

Can you use Rock Tape for swelling and bruises?

YES! Rock Tape works great to reduce swelling and bruising when applied correctly. Below is a picture of one of my patient's. He tore his pec trying to bench 405lbs for 5 sets. The purple areas are the parts where the tape was not. We were able to reduce the swelling and bruising significantly in 3 days (when this picture was taken).

Taping can be integrated with almost any musculoskeletal problem and adding it can help to speed up your recovery!

If you're interested in working with a chiropractor that does more than just adjust, or if you would like to integrate taping into your treatment plan, call us at (248) 885-8463 or email our office at

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